Dirty Diaper Name Tags

Further to my blog post titled “Baby Shower Games & Décor Tips,” this blog post explains how to make the dirty diaper name tags that I made for my sister’s baby shower this past July.

As I was searching for baby shower ideas on Pinterest, I came across an Etsy pin for a dirty diaper game (see link here) and started giggling. The way the game works is each guest wears a diaper pin throughout the duration of the shower. One or more of the pins contain a poop emoji icon, but guests can’t peek inside to see if they have a poopy diaper until the hosts say it’s time to open them.

I immediately sent the link to my mom and told her I had found the perfect game to play at the baby shower! However, I decided to make the diapers serve a dual purpose both as a game and as name tags. When we had organized my sister’s bridal shower the year before, I didn’t know the names of all the ladies who were a part of her life (although most of them seemed to know who I was because my sister talked about me a lot—only good things, I’m sure). So I figured if all the ladies wore name tags, I would be able to connect the faces with the names of the friends and women who have been such a strong inspiration in my sister’s life.

To make the diaper name tags, I used the same template I had downloaded from Nappy Cards on Pinterest (see pin here) for the “Advice to the Parents-to-be” cards I had made (see article here), but I shrunk the template so I could fit four diapers per sheet. Then I added a text box to the front of the diapers where guests could write their names. I also made separate pins for the hosts and momma-to-be.

Diaper Labels

On the inside of the diapers, I added Microsoft’s poop emoji icon for Windows 10 (available here) and below it included a text box that said: “Oops! You pooped!” I decided that everyone would have a dirty diaper (because I wanted to hear all the chuckles), except four lucky guests would have a clean diaper and would win a prize. The clean diapers stated: “All clean! You win a prize!” Of course, the hosts and momma-to-be pins were automatically dirty diapers.

Once I was satisfied with the template, I printed the diapers directly onto white cardstock (or you could print them on different shades of pink or blue, if desired). I printed them double-sided so that I would only have to cut out the diapers once and not have to glue the front and back together.

If you would like to use my template to make your own dirty diaper pins, you can access it here: Dirty Diaper Name Tags Template. Keep in mind, you will need to change your printer settings to double-sided. It can be a bit tricky to flip the paper the right way, so pay attention to your printer’s double-sided instructions.

I cut out each of the diapers and folded and sealed them with double-sided crafter’s tape so guests couldn’t peek. I used Ad Tech Crafter’s Dot Glue Runner, but as you can see in one of the pictures below, some of the tabs started to lift up, so I would recommend using a stronger tape (although you want to make sure your guests will be able to lift up the tabs without tearing the paper).

Put the glue on the labels.

After sealing the diapers, I attached bar pins to the backs of each diaper. My mom had found a pack of 1” adhesive bar pins by Bead Landing at Michaels for approximately $3.00 for a 60-pack, which made it quick and easy to apply.

I left the diaper pins plain and simple, but if you’d like to dress them up a little, you can add a small bow from ribbon and glue it to the front of the diaper or stick on a paper flower or heart embellishment.

I used a vintage school chalkboard that I had found at a garage sale for twenty-five cents for the display sign and propped it up on a golden metal display easel from Dollar Tree with the pins scattered on a small table in front of it.

Write your name on the board

*Tip: Make sure to keep the clean diapers separate from the dirty diapers and ensure all the clean diapers get put out (unless you know the exact number of guests who will be at the shower), otherwise you may not have any winners, which wouldn’t be very fun at all! To ensure all the clean diapers were selected, I scattered them with a few of the dirty diapers and only set out additional dirty diapers once the first bunch had been taken. Of course, the guests who arrive first have the best chances of selecting the winning diapers. As the saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm,” so the early guest gets the prize.

For the prizes, we gave each winner a jar of bath bombs and an exfoliating bath sponge that we had found at Dollarama. It was the perfect inexpensive prize to give out in a group of ladies and was much appreciated! If, however, you’re having a Jack and Jill shower, you will need to get a little more creative with the prizes so they can be enjoyed by both men and women (that’s where coffee or movie gift cards come in the most handy!).

Bath Bombs & Exfoliating Sponge

In the end, the objective of the dirty diaper game is to have fun. Your guests will appreciate your creativity!



Dirty Diaper Name Tags

Approximate time to make: 5 minutes/diaper

Approximate cost (excludes tools and ink): approximately $0.32 for 4 diaper pins (prices may vary)*

*Note: The cost above excludes sales tax and will vary by location, currency and retailer. It is also based on the cost of materials used for one card only and does not reflect the total cost to purchase all the materials.

Dirty Diaper Name Tags

Tools Required



Double-sided tape

 Items Required for Diaper Pins

  • One (1) coloured or white cardstock (8.5” x 11”) (approximately CAD $6.00 for a 50-pack from Michaels [equivalent to $0.12 per sheet])
  • Four 1” adhesive bar pins by Bead Landing (approximately $3.00 for a 60-pack from Michaels [equivalent to $0.05 per pin])


1. Print the diapers directly onto coloured or white cardstock using the double-sided option on your printer (template available here: Dirty Diaper Name Tags Template).

2. Cut out the diapers and fold along the white lines on the template. Apply a strip of double-sided tape along the edges inside the front of each diaper and on the inside of the two tabs. Then fold the diapers and tabs closed, pressing firmly to ensure the tape adheres properly.

Put the glue on the labels.

3. Attach an adhesive bar pin to the back of the diaper (see above photo).

4. Make a sign with instructions so your guests know what to do with the pins.

*Tip: Make sure to keep the clean diapers separate from the dirty diapers and ensure all the clean diapers get put out (unless you know the exact number of guests who will be at the shower), otherwise you may not have any winners, which wouldn’t be very fun at all!

Write your name on the board

5. Ensure you have prizes for the winners, such as bath bombs and an exfoliating bath sponge for the ladies, or coffee or movie gift cards if you’re having a Jack and Jill shower.


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